Haikyuu Chapter 386 English "Being Good Means Being Free" Manga Review

First of All i just want to see Nishinoya for a long time ago since Jackals and Adlers start their match and then in this chapters we see the "Guardian Deity" of Karasuno.
Because of his skill i think Nishinoya would go to First Division Team in Japan / Second Division, i know that Komori Motoya from Itachiyama is the best libero but Nishinoya also have a skill and can improve too
but he always like a thunder and do something Amazing in Italy

Just look at Sawamura face when he heard the conditions of Nishinoya from Asahi the face say like "really"?

So i didn't know Nishinoya would come back again to the Volleyball or not but personally i want him to back to become amazing libero in the future.

Like this chapter title "Freedom" Coach Ukai Keishin give advice to their players to do what they want in the future. not because you are a Volleyball player now mean that you must play Volleyball after you graduate from the High Scholl, it's up to you, you are the best person that know what the best for you.

Oke another amazing dig from Hinata to Sokolov's serve, many people blame Haruichi Furudate because they think that Hinata to Overpowered or upgraded so much but i have a different think, Hinata spent 2 years in Brazil that was not a short time and that result can be seen in this match.

and Adirah Thomas was amazed how can Hinata get into that amazing serve and Hinata say's it was a lot easier than Wind, you kinow before this match Hinata was played the outdoor Volleyball (Beach Volleyball) and the wind can change the direction of the ball (you can read chapters when Oikawa meets Hinata before), Hinata and Thomas have a conversation in English and Bokuto was so amazed and want to say it too.

Just like another amazing of Bokuto haha. (and i think bokuto personally like Dragon Ball because everthing is + energy for him)
Romero got shocked lol, Sawamura and Akaashi seems like "Oh this is Bokuto"

Bokuto face when they want a toss but Miya got setter dump, Kageyama hates it so much lol
but this is the best setter in High School quality, he has a perfect view how his team looked by enemy and how enemy position so he can do a lot of various things because of that.

and after being focused on Hinata in whole Chapter, we know what Ushijima call "Bullets of Japan" so Hinata try to dig out and have a right position on it but Ushiwaka have too much power and also + his left
and look at Ushiwaka face he probably say it I'm so strong don't think you can dig it easily Hinata Shoyou

and look like the Hinata face he seems like he want to have a hard spikes on these toss but after that he tosses it (it looks like when he try feint for the first time) and the toss goes into the "Laser" Bokuto Koutaro 


that was an amazing Chapter and Black Jackals took the First Set

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